What if we started again with culture? Advocating for European sovereignity - Jean-Noël Tronc



This book was originally published by Le Seuil in April 2019, in French. It wastranslated into Portuguese and published by Guerra Y Paz in 2020, with a preface by my friend the great Portuguese author and journalist, José-Jorge Letria.Today, it gives me great pleasure to introduce the English version with this preface. This translation was commissioned in response to the requests of manycolleagues around the world who were kind enough to ask me for a versionthey could read. Indeed, at the 2019 annual general meeting in Tokyo of CISAC, the confederation that regroups the world’s authors’ societies, I was asked tosummarise the main ideas and proposals that this book sets out.

The Covid-19 crisis, which hit creators and their collective societies particularly hard, forced me to devote all my energy to a plan to save Sacem and its members.So this publishing project was delayed, even though the English translation had been done just before the pandemic broke out.

I took advantage of my departure from Sacem at the end of 2020, after almost10 years at the head of the world’s leading collective management society, tocomplete this project and finally honour the commitments I had made to publish the book in English and, of course, to tell “the end of the story” of the adoptionof the Copyright Directive. This was one of the most memorable battles fought in the European Parliament for a long time, and one in which I played a decisive part.

Jean-Noël Tronc, March 2022