Short-film contest

Why do I vote for Europe of tomorrow?

Considering the coming European elections, EuropaNova and the Heinrich Böll Stiftung launch their European short-film contest. Three prizes will be awarded by the jury, which will be composed by EuropaNova and the Heinrich Böll Stiftung members, as well as cinema professionals.

Do you want your short-film being broadcasted everywhere in Europe and win one of our awards ?
Tell us about your Europe of tomorrow !
1st award


2nd award


3rd award


Special award from the public


The prize money will be assigned after the contest at the winner and / or at the winner team.

Tell us about your Europe of tomorrow !

This contest is open to every French and German student involved in a cinema, political science or European studies degree. If you made it on your own or as a group, send us your creation, which shall not exceed 2 minutes, credits included. You are free to use any equipment you like (cameras, phones…) as long as the quality is good enough to broadcast it on a big screen.

From now till 19th April you can drop off your short-film on the platform designed for that purpose. As of the 24th of April, all the short-films will be available on the EuropaNova website and submitted to a vote from the public for the special prize.

An award ceremony will occur mid-Mai in a Parisian theatre. All the winning films will be broadcasted.

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