The codification of European Business Law. An opportunity for the countries aspiring European Union

The European business law code project for which concrete steps have been taken owing to the persistence and increased awareness of citizens and various associations is also supported by Kosovo, a country of Western Balkan and a potential candidate for accession to the EU. The codification of European Business law can be deemed as a new pragmatic way to consider the enlargement of the EU. Hence, countries aspiring to the European Union will understand more clearly the objective of adopting common legislation and, consequently, adapt to legislation different from theirs. There are three different types of arguments that put forward advantages that this project would bring to countries aspiring EU integration:

👉To begin with, this project will be a legal challenge for the countries judicial system, however it would result in clearer and more accessible law for the citizens.

👉Secondly, in the economic area, it has certain utility for the companies, allowing them to trade more easily and therefore promoting commercial trade between the EU and the potential candidate country.

👉Lastly, advantages would be as well in political nature, meaning that the project can contribute to bringing more clarity into Kosovo's political sphere. In this discussion, we will have the chance to talk over the idea of a common European business law code with legal experts (academics and professionals) and business representatives from Kosovo thus, understanding more the role, importance, and advantages that uniformity of business law would have inside and outside the Union

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24/11/2021 18:30
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