Thomas Friang

Thomas Friang is the Founder & President of the Open Diplomacy Institute, intensively acting for better comprehension of global affairs, since he initiated in 2011 the first official G20 Youth Summit as an official engagement group of the G20. Holding a Master in Management (2011, ESCP Europe) and a Master in Public Administration (2012, Université Paris Panthéon Sorbonne / ENS Ulm), Thomas started his career as a junior economist at the Foundation for Strategic Research prior to joining the Banque de France as a civil servant. He has a 4 year service there as a bank supervisor and then senior economist and expert-representative to the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision where he chaired an international negotiation group. He recently acted as the COO for "Le Printemps de l'Economie" and then the campaign manager of Cedric Villani to whom he became Special Advisor after his election as French Member of the Parliament.

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